Community Resilience Grants

As part of its offer, Living Well Sefton manages the Community Resilience Grant (CRG) fund which is open to local community groups and individuals for projects aimed at supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing.

More than 100 projects have so far been funded through the grant fund addressing themes such as:
• Reducing social isolation for older people
• Increasing people’s confidence and self-esteem
• Improving people’s fitness
• Helping to build awareness of healthy cooking and nutrition
• Encouraging the whole family in developing activities together

Apply as a group or organisation

Community Resilience Grants are distributed in rounds throughout the year.

The Community Resilience Grant Round 13 fund saw a record number of applications. Successful applicants from this round are listed below, however all unsuccessful applicants are fully encouraged to apply to future applicable grant rounds for any new projects

Living Well Sefton – Community Resilience Grant – Round 13 Successful Applications

Organisation Project Description Area Priority Group(s) Grant awarded
Spin Monkey Maghull My aim is to improve mental & physical health and community engagement through group exercise in a multi sensory environment. We are a boutique all inclusive, body positive workout space. We specialise in group cycling classes, in a mood boosting, disco lit, surround sound environment. Central General Community/Families/women £1,870
Mencap Liverpool & Sefton The classes will be designed and delivered by a qualified PT to be inclusive and accessible for all. Moreover once the project is complete the equipment used within the circuit classes will be used to form the ‘Mencap Mobile Gym and Cycle’ - a drop in weekly ‘portable gym’ that our members can attend after completing an induction. We will also host a Community Cycling Fundraiser at the Cottage. Central Disabled/Low income £1958
Change Grow Live We plan to hold a community event for families from the Sefton area in honour of recovery awareness month. This event will be fun for all the family but also be an opportunity for local organisations to raise awareness and talk to the public about what services they offer that people may not be aware of. South General community £2000
May Logan Centre The aim of the project will be to create social integration sessions for new parents, through inclusive and focussed exercise sessions where parents are able to bring babies along. While the exercise activities will be the main draw, the sessions will also include advice around healthy eating, physical and mental wellbeing advice and guest speakers. The sessions aim to serve a similar purpose to mother and baby groups, with the added benefit of activities that focus on the specific needs of new mums and the ability to interact and include their baby within the activities. South Women/Men/ Disabled/ Families / (DEBs) £1980
Keep moving cancer support Our project was originally Move More, run by Sefton Council and funded by Macmillan. Because the demographic of the class was such that members were unlikely to go to a gym, which was Sefton’s hope, we decided to try to keep the class going ourselves. Funding will enable us to maintain these essential classes through the winter, and hopefully expand them. North Families £525
Sefton Carers Centre We would like to support unpaid carers to be more active over the autumn/winter months. Feedback gathered from carers is that caring can be a very isolating role and its easy to get into a habit of not taking any small opportunities you have to look after yourself. from previous sessions we have piloted and feedback from carers that they are not comfortable in more gym based settings, feeling they don’t have the right clothing/equipment/fitness levels etc but are comfortable in a community setting. Activities that have worked well in the past have been yoga, tai chi, chair based exercises and sonic aqua sessions. Boroughwide Carers £1580
Work well Thrive Together Connecting Nature is a concept that combines boxing training and workouts with the natural setting of the beach. North Women £671
Sefton OPERA Connecting Nature is a concept that combines boxing training and workouts with the natural setting of the beach. Boroughwide General Community £1338.25
Men and Women's Pactmantality We provide up to 30 beneficiaries the opportunity to learn the tools and skills necessary to take control of their own mental health and physical well-being in our eight three-hour workshops (four for men and four for women) that take place over a four-week period. Each workshop has a different focus: physical health, mental wellness and emotional regulation, with a celebratory workshop bringing all their learning and development together in the fourth week. South General community £1422.80
Autism Ventures We co-produce services with users, who’ve identified need for special interest group. Wish to pilot MeCycle Chess Club during winter months. Consultations revealed lack provision in Ainsdale. Whilst activity will be open everyone, we’ll also leverage specific benefits chess offers to autistic people: • Inclusive game, open to all that exercises the mind • Low cost but high value activity – important given cost-of-living crisis North Disabled/Women/Men/General Community/ (DEBs) / not in education £2000
Home-Start We will be holding Home-Start weekly Pram Walk and Talks. These will be held outside in the community, around the Marine Lake in Southport. The walks will be tailored to the fitness and ability of the group but with a focus on parents and carers being more active while enjoying the company of other parents/carers, group worker and volunteers. North Not in Education Employment or Training/families/men/women £1540
Ainsdale Lunch and Leisure We want to heavily discount 36 sessions per week, over 12 weeks during the colder months, to just £2.00. These classes work to improve strength, mobility, endurance/stamina, balance, circulation, and bone mass density. North Men/Women £1920
Our Place Community Hub We would like to encourage people from all ages to come together and partake in some gentle yoga and relaxation sessions. After the session we will provide a space for people to have some light lunch, provided by ourselves, and a chance to sit together and form new friendships, helping to combat social isolation and loneliness. North General Community £1740
Total £17,784

Workplace Wellbeing Grants

Living Well Sefton, in partnership with Sefton Public Health, also offers ‘Small to Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs) grants of up to £500 to improve the wellbeing of employees.

Looking after the wellbeing of your employees will make you a stronger organisation with a happier, healthier workforce, especially as people return to work after the lifting of lockdown measures. It also shows that you care about the people who work for you. Improving workplace wellbeing can also contribute to reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and support staff to improve their lifestyles.

Download Workplace Wellbeing criteria and application form

Enquiries and Support

If you have any questions about our Grant Funding or would like to discuss a proposal before making an application please contact us by