What We Can Offer

Physical Activity

You don’t have to be a member of a gym or go for a five-mile run everyday to benefit from exercise. It is easy to slip into bad habits of not doing much exercise as we tend to sit a lot. Whether it is watching the television, driving or being a passenger in a car and having a desk-based job, more of us are leading inactive lives. According to NHS Choices, there is scientific proof that you can lead a healthier and happier life by being physically active on a regular basis as it can lower your risk of developing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers.

Stop Smoking

It has been recognised for some time that stopping smoking is the single best thing anyone can do to improve their health because smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death and disease in the country. When anyone lights a cigarette, toxins are released in the smoke which are not only inhaled by the smoker but by those around them, including children and pets. The body begins to recover as soon as the ciggies are cut out.Breathing becomes less of a problem because lung capacity increases but the benefits don’t stop there


Many people may not realise the amount they drink could be having an adverse affect on their health.

Weight Management

Managing your weight should be done in tandem with regular physical exercise, eating a healthy diet and watching how much you drink. There may be lots of diets out there to choose from but, usually, it is best to set realistic goals to promote safe and sustainable weight loss. And then keep following those changes so they become a part of a healthy lifestyle. Our Living Well Mentors can help you set goals and give details of other ways you can manage your weight such as joining one of their healthy cooking or weight management courses

Mental Wellbeing

Most people have different ideas as to what wellbeing means. Generally, it points to how you are feeling, such as your levels of happiness, contentment, self-esteem and confidence. The Five Ways to Wellbeing - developed by NEF (New Economic Foundation) as part of the Government’s Foresight project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing – can help improve how we feel about ourselves. Our partners offer a variety of programmes, services and activities to give your wellbeing a boost. They range from: benefits