Community Resilience Grant

As part of its offer, Living Well Sefton manages the Community Resilience Grant which is awarded to local community groups and individuals for projects aimed at supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing.

The eighth round of funding has now closed and we are looking forward to working with the groups and individuals who were successful in securing a grant with the aim to improve their local communities and to recover from the effects of Covid-19.

More than 100 projects have so far been funded through the grant. These planned to improve health and wellbeing by reducing social isolation for older people, increasing people’s confidence, self-esteem and fitness as well as helping them build awareness of healthy cooking and nutrition, and encouraging the whole family in developing activities together.

Watch this space – as details of another round of funding will be announced at a later date.

Living Well Sefton – Community Resilience Grant – Round 8 Successful Applications

Project/organisation Project description Priority groups Area Grant awarded
Age Concern Crosby Delivering healthy Christmas hampers to older people as a way of making them feel connected and less isolated which will increase their mental wellbeing. Central Older people £2000
Ainsdale Community Village Garden Project will enhance the community garden to continue providing a safe and peaceful area for people to enjoy, providing an oasis where the community can reconnect. North General community £1620
Ainsdale in Bloom The Village Bloomers project is designed to benefit the wellbeing of those who live, work and volunteer locally by working on the flower planters throughout the village. North General community £750
Formby Befriending Through the Lockdown Support project the Formby Befriending Scheme will keep the spirits up of older people at risk of being socially isolated by regular telephone and digital interactions as well as activities. North Older people £2000
In Another Place The Music Zone is a pilot project designed to create an affordable music school at COVID-secure premises in the Strand Shopping Centre with a focus on making social connections and increasing positive mental wellbeing. South General community £2000
Kindfulness Coffee Club Welcome With Kindness will extend the opportunity for people to be offered a non-judgemental listening ear as a way of coping with the stressful effects of the pandemic. South General community £1800
Litherland Youth and Community Centre Transforming the community garden into a place where young and old can enjoy being a part of creating something that will boost wellbeing and help to develop skills around gardening. South General community, older people, young people £1860
MYA Space A Wellbeing SPACE aims to work with young people in the local community using performing arts to address physical and emotional wellbeing. South Young people £2000
Orrell Trust Working with St Paul’s Church in Litherland, the project will develop and deliver an older person’s luncheon club by offering a drop in style café once a month. South Older people, general community £2000
Parenting 2000 Youth Eco Therapy is a walk and talk project for children and young people. Organised walks in Southport and Crosby are designed to increase wellbeing by connecting with nature. North/ Central Young people £2000
Pinto Community Art CIC A 10-week arts workshop will help develop artistic skills as a way of increasing wellbeing. The workshops will also provide the chance to establish social networks. South General community £1750
SING Food For Thought is a healthy cooking and lifestyle project for identified vulnerable and isolated older people giving them the confidence to cook healthy meals in their own homes. South Older people £1800
St Leonards Community Centre During October half term being able to offer children and adults packed lunches and activity packs with recipes, family games and seeds to grow at home. South General community £600
Waterloo Free Church The Inclusion Project aims to develop a garden within the church grounds in order to benefit group members and provide an outdoor performance area for the local community to enjoy. South General community, minority groups £2000
*Due to the coronavirus pandemic some of the projects may be affected in their delivery
Total £24,180

Living Well Sefton – Community Resilience Grant – Round 7 Successful Applications

Project/organisation Project description Priority groups Area Grant awarded
1st Lydiate Scout Group The Gateway to Green project Project is a weekend gathering of young people at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre to deliver a “Green Weekend” for over 500 young people and 100 adults whilst camping at the centre. The weekend to be focused on change, in how we respect our environment, how we enjoy it and how we protect its longevity. Central Young people £1000
4th Crosby and District Groups Outdoor challenge is a 6-night residential experience for 50+ young people aged 6-18 to develop skills in an outdoors environment, learning traditional and modern methods of camp craft, cooking, and adventurous activities. Central Young people £1996
Active Foundation Walk and Talk project is being run over 10 weeks with the aim of engaging people who may be feeling lonely in up to two different physical active sessions each week. These include walking football or walking netball as well as a weekly walking group. OCentral Older people £1000
Big Love Sista Big Love Sefton Stories is a unique story walk project delivering four outdoor narrative art walks in Sefton as a ways of engaging with people using methods such as photography, eco art making and poetry. Borough wide General community, minority groups £2000
Bootle Action Group Revealing Oxford Gardens is a way of improving mental wellbeing by reaching out to people in Bootle who don’t have access to a garden to enjoy Oxford Gardens. The aim is to encourage volunteering, make new friends and take an interest in a community asset. South General community, older people, minority groups £1000
Crossens Bowling Club Promote bowling and encouraging local community to take part and improve health and wellbeing. An intergenerational aspect would bring younger and older members together to grow vegetables and flowers in planters. North Older people, general community £1500
Crusaders Dragon Boat Club The club are building a boat slipway access to the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Sefton Sea Cadet Unit in Litherland so club members can make use of the canal for water sport activities. South General community, minority groups £1440
B4Biodiversity Their Ford Lane Garden Canoe Club will offer free canoeing activities on the Leeds Liverpool Canal to those from the Ford community. South General community, minority groups £1920
Friends of South Park The South Park Nature Challenge is about delivering wellbeing and nature activities in the South Park Community Garden such as mindfulness yoga outdoors and forest school activities. The challenge also encourages creative recycling and upcycling of resources found in parks and gardens. South General community £1500
Galloways A Brush of Fresh Air is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of blind and partially-sighted people by giving them the chance to create artwork outside by collecting natural materials to do clay and paper rubbings. North Older people, minority groups £800
Inclusion Network The Get Out Get Active project is a walking group delivered on a Saturday for young people. The idea is to gradually increase the distance walked with the goal of walking up Moel Famau. South Young people £855
Openwell Church The Little Treasures Community Garden will bring together the parent and toddler group with older residents of a nearby residential accommodation to further revitalise the garden area. North General community, minority groups £1000
Sefton Advocacy Friendz Group The Get Outside with Friendz project will encourage members to visit local parks and gardens within Sefton as a way of extending their social experiences and increase their confidence. North Minority groups £1300
Southport Strollers The aim of the Growing Southport Strollers project is to encourage more local people to take part in the club – either walking or running – to benefit from physical exercise and build social connections. North General community, minority groups £1730
The Mix Youth Café A Summer Holiday Outdoors Programme would see the teenage members go on trips out to places such as Chester Zoo, the red squirrel reserve and Delamere Forest. The young people would be actively involved in deciding where they should go during the summer. Central Young people, general community, minority groups £825.40
Tyred Rides CIC Cycling For All Roadshows will make cycling as accessible as possible for everyone by offering cycling maintenance and advisory workshops. The aim is to build people’s bike maintenance skills along with learning about bike security. North Young people, general community £2000
*Due to the coronavirus pandemic some of the projects may be affected in their delivery
Total £21,866.401

Living Well Sefton – Community Resilience Grant – Round 6 Successful Applications

Project/organisation Project description Priority groups Area Grant awarded
Age Concern Crosby Weekly luncheon clubs which target socially isolated older people; providing them with a nutritious meal at an affordable price and a chance to connect with others. South Older people £700
Brighter Living Partnership Community Café aimed at local residents. Grant will allow the café to expand its offering to include free healthy food options, as well as improving the physical environment to make it more welcoming. North Older people; young people; general community £1750
Feelgood Factory Monthly afternoon tea complete with theming and entertainment, aimed at socially isolated older people. Central Older people £1420
Independence Initiative ‘Thick Cut Marmalade’ - Cooking clubs for those living in residential accommodation in Bootle providing food planning, shopping and cooking. South Vulnerable people £2000
Linacre Bridge Community Hub ‘Tea for Two’ - A traditional afternoon tea for people suffering from social isolation and economic hardship, providing a welcoming environment offering freshly prepared food, social interaction, and signposting to other activities at the centre and surrounding community facilities. South General community £1275
Marine Table Tennis Community Café A weekly club to help reduce social isolation through fun activities such as conversation, music, dancing, sing songs, games, karaoke and days out. A healthy lunch will be provided each week. Central Older people; general community; minority groups £1994.91
People First Merseyside ‘Friends Eating And Socialising Together (FEAST) - A healthy eating programme for people with a learning disability (PWLD) in Sefton, to include awareness raising of current eating habits, food tasting sessions and healthy lunch clubs to share learning and offer an opportunity to socialise. Borough wide Minority groups £1690
Regenerus ‘Glean and Glut’ - A programme of foraging and gleaning expeditions to pick fruit and vegetables, followed by a fun food sharing day: a cooking / learning / sharing / eating event featuring a cook off between professional chefs and community chefs. South Young people; older people; general community £1850
SING Plus ‘Fit as a Fiddle’ - A healthy eating club in Seaforth. This club will provide support for local people aged 50+ at risk of health inequalities to lead healthier lifestyles. The club will also offer an opportunity for isolated older people to socialise and make new friends. South Older people; minority groups £1455
The Inclusion Network ‘Library and Lunch’ – combining a good read with a good meal and a chance to make friends in the friendship garden. South Older people; general community £650
Waterloo Community Association ‘Cooking with Kindness’ - A cooking club for local residents who are socially isolated or wish to improve their cooking skills. Central General community £1960
Waterloo United Free Church Upgrading kitchen to expand support to community groups and provide a drop-in café to encourage people to build friendships while enjoying a meal. Central General community; older people £1800
Y Kids ‘Family, Food and Friends’ – A series of family cooking projects, culminating in a community meal where families cook for and serve the community. The programme will target single parent families/ those with other needs and creates friendship groups and a support network. The community meal will target isolated older people and bring all generations together over food, fun and friendship. South General community £1450
Total £19994.91

The successful recipients from the fifth round of funding were:

Project/organisation Project description Priority groups Area Grant awarded
Brighter Living Partnership Brighter Mondays is a social activity club for older people running over a 16 week programme. The club is designed to reduce social isolation, especially and also benefits people who suffer with mental health, such as depression and anxiety. Activities include art & craft, cooking, day trips, exploring museums and places of interest as well as running physical activities to raise awareness on staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. North Older people, general community, minority groups £1000
Community By Nature A weekly older people’s club at a community centre in Bootle. Social isolation is addressed thorough providing a weekly healthy lunch, social interaction, physical activities and outings. This approach is improving both health and wellbeing for a group of people who are hard to reach. South Older people £900
Friends of Southport lip Reading Group The group will deliver a year of lip reading classes for people who have a hearing difficulty of any age. There is a lack of provision of lip reading classes in this area and many of the people who attend are financially disadvantaged, and unable to get this support elsewhere. Members are involved in shaping an activity programme through the year including a number of social and cultural trips to places such as cinema and theatre and also to restaurants to put into practice their new skills. These trips improve confidence and members meet up between classes to support each other further. North General community, minority groups £1950
Galloway’s Society for the Blind Art classes will be provided for visually impaired people supported by 2 sessional art tutors, enabling these individuals to follow their hobbies, gain a sense of achievement and socialise all helping to improve health and wellbeing. This section of society often feels overlooked due to their disability will have an opportunity to develop a hobby with tailored support helping to learn new skills, by creating artwork, displayed at Galloway’s and other venues across Sefton. North General community, minority groups £1900
Hightown Parish Council Hightown Living Well is a project designed to reduce social isolation among the vulnerable and older members of the community. It will provide a safe, inviting meeting place and structured training, activities and workshops to help residents stay well and live independently for longer. The group will develop a community resource/meeting place where people can socialise, learn new skills or receive advice on issues such as healthy eating, exercising, first aid, safety at home (security, fire safety etc.), legal and financial issues . Central General Community £1350
In Your Shoes Community Hub Chill and Chat Sessions for those who may feel socially isolated to mix with others and join in fun activities. The group believes that the health and wellbeing of residents can be improved through these sessions as people will feel that they belong somewhere that’s friendly and non-judgmental They will also support individuals engage with statutory and/or voluntary organisations that can give them the help they need. South General community £500
Inclusion Network The group will work with people who are struggling with finances and their mental health through a weekly cooking session. This will teach new skills and provide nutritious meals as well as providing a space to meet with others and share their experiences. South General community £1980
Keep Moving Cancer Support Provision of a weekly group exercise class for people affected by cancer in Southport, delivered by an instructor qualified in Cancer Rehabilitation. These regular exercises can improve clinical outcomes following cancer diagnosis. The class allows members to be more active in a peer support setting to maximise member’s quality of life after cancer diagnosis. North General community £720
Lydiate Parish Council A community activity group will meet in the Village with the aim of attracting more socially isolated men, who don’t tend to come to traditional coffee mornings/lunch clubs. The activities requested include table tennis, foot golf, indoor bowls and chair-based exercises. Central General Community £1758
Orrell Trust Development of a befriending service and dementia café, both with the aim of reducing social isolation. The aim is to engage people living with dementia and their carers, who are lonely and or would like to be more involved in their community by taking referrals from self, family members and our community partners. South General community, minority groups £2000
Peterhouse School The project aims to offer the experience of supported, successful, social and leisure opportunities for young people, parents/carers/ families with children affected by autistic spectrum condition who attend Peterhouse school. The intention of the proposed family and wellbeing activities would be to facilitate contact with other parents/carers and offer specific health and wellbeing information and advice, which would foster enhanced selfconfidence and personal resilience. The project would aim to ultimately promote community access and contact with peers beyond the school environment in a planned, safe, appropriate and gradual manner, fostering the young persons self of worth and independence of the family. North General community, minority groups £1000
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect raises awareness and provides support to people who are hard of hearing to learn various ways of communicating, with the primary aim of encouraging accessibility and reducing the likelihood of people feeling and becoming socially isolated. The group delivers two classes every week teaching finger spelling, sign language and other ways to communicate for deaf and hearing people of all ages and varying abilities/disabilities. North General community, minority groups £1500
Sefton Opera Social Tea Dances will be held twice a month for older people who may be socially isolated or lonely. There will also be two themed events around Keeping Warm and Keeping Well to offer support from the Affordable Warmth Team. North and South £900
Total £17458

The successful recipients from the fourth round of funding were:

Project/organisation Project description Priority groups Area Grant awarded
Aintree Action Group Positive Thoughts Course is an opportunity to learn and practice new techniques that will help participants to feel more positive about their lives. The course uses a cognitive behavioural approach and a combination of discussion, relaxation, feedback and homework. During the course participants will have the opportunity to support each other and learn new coping skills Older people North £2100
An Inclusive Future The Support with Additional Needs Project aims to support local parents who care for children with additional needs, in order to help and guide them through the diagnostic process. This will take place through peer support groups, provision of signposting and guidance and stress awareness workshops. Families, children North £1700
Brain Charity This project aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people in Sefton with neurological conditions, as well as their friends and carers. Counselling sessions will actively engage local people in making positive changes to their health and well being. Service users will also be linked into the full range of services that the Brain Charity provides. People with disabilities, carers Sefton wide £1200
Collective Encounters Collective Encounters is a social change theatre company working jointly with Stepping Stones on a project to raise confidence and communication skills for people with mental health issues and learning differences. The project aims to develop a performance for an audience of local community groups, councillors and health and support workers. The project will help reduce the risk of social isolation, increase confidence and create a better awareness of mental health issues and learning differences in the community. People with disabilities, general population Sefton wide £2250
Friends of Moorside Park Exercise sessions will be run by local residents for local residents with the aim of empowering people to realise the potential of using their local park to improve their wellbeing. The group plan to link in with local GPs, voluntary groups, existing support networks and organisations to publicise the sessions and promote the benefits of being physically active resulting in good mental wellbeing. The sessions will reduce social isolation and bring people together to get more active in a non-threatening environment. General population, people with disabilities, socially isolated people Central £1180
Homestart Family Group project, providing a crèche so that parents with depression and poor mental health can benefit from some respite in another room at the group. During the parents respite sessions weekly activities such as cookery classes, arts & crafts, 'play to learn' classes so they can improve the quality of the play with their children, budgeting and financial advice to improve household income, pampering sessions to de-stress, and a parenting course to improve routines and boundaries within the family home. Families, young people North £1600
Migrant Workers Sefton Community The Communities Together project supports better integration and cohesion of the adult migrant community in central Southport, by building on an existing monthly language group and inviting new members of the migrant and indigenous community to come together for social and informal learning opportunities. The group will encourage positive interaction with the local community and improved confidence in accessing services, including health and wellbeing services. Minority groups, general population North £1214
Parenting 2000 The Art Therapy & Happiness Project aims to provide a safe place for children and young people to develop healthier ways to manage their feelings in response to a range of issues. It will provide art therapy sessions and family support work to engage with children and adolescents dealing with anxiety and poor mental health caused by social stresses such as family breakdown and drug and alcohol misuse. Parenting 2000 will engage with families; involve young people as peers and community leaders in feeding back to their peers and promoting through word of mouth; and work in partnership with other local agencies to engage wider communities. Families, young people North & Central £1800
Saturday Carer’s Group The Carer’s Group provides social and recreational support to parents/carers of young people and adults with disabilities. They offer two weekly sessions, reducing social isolation and the burden of caring responsibilities, empowering participants to make better health and wellbeing decisions. The group transports members to and from the club with our specially adapted mini bus as many members who have mobility issues would not be able to attend without the transport. Families, young people, older people Central £2480
Sefton In Mind The Time to Change Network will be a peer support structure that will empower individuals to develop connections within their community. The group aims to amplify the voice of the mental health service users’, making Sefton a place where people feel comfortable talking about their mental health. Through three campaign events, they will promote knowledge and access to resources that will not only help people to talk more openly about their mental health but to also improve knowledge and understanding of the causes of ill health and how people can access resources that can support them to live well in Sefton. General population, people with disabilities, Sefton-wide £2080
Swan Women’s Centre The project aims to support young women who are experiencing mental health issues but do not meet the criteria for CAMHS. The project will provide therapeutic activities and counselling support for young women aged 14 - 18 years, providing a weekly support group facilitated by a counsellor and a youth worker. The use of crafts and activities to engage the group and foster a safe space for these young women to talk about their feelings. The anticipated outcomes will be the development of positive coping mechanisms, improved relationships with others and a reduction in stress and anxiety. Young people, general population, people with disabilities South £2500
Veterans in Sefton The Veterans & Families Resilience Project will take groups of 10 Veterans and family members mountaineering in Snowdonia with the aim of i to building self esteem, independence and resilience. General population, older people South £1900
Woodvale & Ainsdale Community Association The Community Association will be working on supporting older people to come together, participate in health related activities, alleviate loneliness, support their ideas and help create sustainable groups. The project will also build on an intergenerational project with Kings Meadow School. By engaging with other local people in a safe, friendly environment participants will experience a sense of inclusivity, increasing their confidence levels and encouraging them to become more involved in their community. Older people North £2131
Total £24135

The successful recipients from the third round of funding were:

Partner Organisation Project Activities Area Priority groups Grant Awarded
New Beginnings & Safe Regeneration Mindful Living 6 week project to 20 members of the Sefton community to promote positive mental-health and well-being. Teaching adults mindfulness based techniques that support everyday living; self-awareness, emotional learning, coping strategies and self-management techniques Sefton wide Mental health, general community £1080
Lotus Brook CIC & Gateway Collective Route Crop A community growing project that works on the corridor between North and South Park in Bootle, supporting volunteering, active travel and healthy eating Bootle Wider community, Young people £5000
SPAC & Ainsdale Lunch and Leisure Ainsdale Older Persons Forum Older Persons Forum in Ainsdale, with a focus on health and wellbeing. Provision of speakers on subjects such as falls prevention, dementia, stroke advice. Reducing social isolation and providing regular engagement opportunities with Lancashire Care to help older people feel listened to and shape services Ainsdale Older people £4650
The Fillies GFC & Dads, Lads & Lasses Not specified Bringing together two local organisations who work with children and families to share skills around emotional resilience, healthy relationships and healthy living. The project will include a healthy, family ‘Come Dine With Me’ competition, physical activity workshops and an a celebration event . The work will enable the development of a long-term relationship between both organisations, stimulating cross referrals, allowing us to engage with more parents and young people living in South Sefton Bootle and Sefton wide Young people and families £3495
Choose Life Prisoner Initiative and Independence Initiatives Choose Life Delivery of a 10 day training course for 8 ex-offenders and recovering addicts to support them on their path to independent living and employment. Participants will use their new skills to go into local schools to educate pupils on the issues that they have an abundance of experiential knowledge of- exploitation, drug abuse and dealing, and prison Sefton wide Substance misuse/ Young people £4470
Age Concern Crosby & Plaza Community Cinema Cinema Friends Circle Free monthly films for older people and the wider community, decreasing social isolation and increasing community cohesion. There will be a varied programme of films to attract a wide audience. There will be free tea and coffee at the events to give people the opportunity to make new connections in their community Crosby and Waterloo Older people and wider community £1800
Kindfulness Coffee Club & Bootle Toolshed MAN-Kindfulness Project targeted at engaging men around mental health and overall wellbeing reducing social isolation and encouraging emotional literacy and peer support. The project will utilise the skills and experience of partners from Bootle Toolshed and Kindfulness and will be based around activities such as wood working, walking, fishing etc. Bootle Men and mental health £5000
Total £25495

The successful recipients from the second round of funding were:

Organisation Project Activities Priority groups Area Grant Awarded
Age Concern Lunch Club Age Concern Crosby host a lunch club to reduce social isolation and vulnerability in elderly community members. It provides healthy meals and aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the lunch club members. Older people Waterloo £439
Ainsdale Community Care Gardening Club Gardening club to maintain a newly developed community garden. Gardening will reduce isolation, develop skills, support people with learning difficulties providing a hobby, skill sharing. Older people, young people, general community Ainsdale £1000
Home Start Counselling To provide 80 hours of professional counselling to the people using the service. This is a service promoting the welfare of families with at least one child under 5 years of age who are under considerable stress. Parents and families with at least one child under 5 years of age Southport £2000
Independence Initiative Cooking Lessons The project aims to provide 4 x two hour Cooking lessons including costs for provision of food, mentoring support for shopping and budget management per participant. The project works with individuals, and their families, to enable people to re-build their lives, their self-confidence and their futures. Many of the people supported deal with complex issues that often include substance misuse, mental ill-health, homelessness and involvement in the criminal justice system. People with substance misuse issues, mental health issues, homelessness and criminal justice system involvement Bootle £2000
Mobile Craft 4U Mobile Craft 4U To provide access to art and craft sessions for people and families who use the Homestart Service. Children and families in deprived neighbourhoods Southport £1512
People First People First Steering Group This project provides a steering group and voice for people with learning difficulties. This project is to reach out to new members via the Feel Good Factory. To provide opportunities to try new experiences as a community, in a safe environment with support staff. People who experience learning difficulties Netherton £2000
Phoenix Community and Youth Project Personal Independence Project The project is to meet the need of young adults with Learning difficulties as there is little provision for this age group. It provides support for 19 to 30 year olds with disabilities to make the transition into adulthood. The project teaches life skills through educational sessions for cooking, using public transport, shopping, budgeting skills, planning etc. Minority groups, people with learning difficulties Southport £1998.12
Sefton Stars Basket Ball Basket Ball Team The project is to provide team sporting activity, skills, youth engagement. Young people Bootle £1996
SING Seaforth Older Person's Project Aims to reach out to the older members of the community through the SING shop, providing activities such as craft sessions stimulating the mind and fine motor skills, improving mental health and reducing isolation Older people and general community Seaforth £585
SMILE Fitness Support SMILE offer information, advice and support for chronic pain sufferers, to help them live their lives despite their pain on a day to day basis. The project will provide gentle fitness sessions in Tai Chi, fitness therapy, and relaxation. Socially isolated adults, Adults with mental health issues Bootle £2000
Waterloo Community Association Waterloo Community Association Cookery classes to encourage preparation of healthy meals, one of the main outcomes however is to reduce social isolation in the community and improve health outcomes. The cookery classes are offered free and the target group is people living on their own or those on a low income. Socially isolated adults Waterloo £1750
Total £17280.12

The successful groups from the first round of funding were:

Project Organisation Project Description Project Groups Area Grant Awrarded
Art for Arts Sake (Supported individual – Brighter Living) Therapeutic art classes in the Southport area. Delivered at Southport Community Centre where older people at risk of social isolation attend to gain new skills in water colour painting. Older people, social isolation, mental health Southport £500
Alchemy KETSO training and kit - Enabling the young people in this way is an asset based approach and would improve the wellbeing of both the young people, by improving confidence and self esteem, and the wider community by providing peer to peer support and engagement opportunities, such as through workshops delivered in schools. The training for the young people will run from February through March and then opportunities for engagement, consultation and research within the wider youth community would be developed. Linking with the Neighbourhoods for Learning project around debt in Southport. Young people, debt Southport £648
Bim Bam (Supported Individual - Brighter Living) Bim Bam - This project provides a social outlet for isolated families whose first language is not English. Main purpose to enable families to get together, build friendships and communication skills and therefore reduce social isolation.. Children and families in deprived area, social isolation Southport £500
Bootle JFA Bootle JFA Community Sports Intervention Programme - a community sports intervention programme targeting young people in the Litherland & Netherton. The aims of the programme will be to improve the health and wellbeing of the participants through a variety of fun and healthy sporting programmes. The sessions will target young people ages between 11-18 years with specific sessions targeting: Male, female and disability specific sports and fitness sessions, Family engagement sessions to engage the whole family. Volunteer programme to encourage local people to get involved in the programme as volunteers and mentors. Children and families in deprived areas , young people, volunteering Litherland, Netherton £1,700
Shared Reading (Supported Individual – Brighter Living) Reading for Wellbeing - Reading for Wellbeing offers weekly sessions for people with mental health issues / learning disabilities to come together with the support of a trained facilitator, to read stories, poems and classic novels. Mental health, social isolation, learning disabilities Southport £500
Brighter Living Partnership - social inclusion Brighter Monday’s is a 16 week programme that benefits people who are struggling to stay independent because of health issues or because they are isolated through loss of a family member and generally just getting old. During the 16 weeks, we run a variety of activities, from art & crafts, healthy eating, learning coping skills, physical activity sessions and many more. Older people, social isolation Southport £1,500
Brighter Living Partnership - gardening The Garden @ Southport Community Centre – the project will extend the use of the garden to include year round activities. This would support and enhance the facilities we have already available in the community garden currently. To make the garden self sustaining the aim is to start growing and selling produce and other items such as bedding plants to cover annual costs and items such as seeds, compost and replacement tools. The garden already provides local people the opportunity to volunteer in a friendly, safe environment with direction given from staff based at the centre, the opportunity to volunteer will further increase with this funding. Social isolation, volunteering, physical activity Southport £1,000
Eden Tots Healthy Cooking Classes Eden Tots Healthy Cooking Classes - The aim of this project is to inspire and educate the parents/guardians who attend our ‘Eden Tots’ sessions and other local families to cook healthy/natural meals and as a result improve the health and wellbeing of children and families in the Netherton area of Sefton. Children and families in deprived neighbourhood Netherton £500
Home Start Southport & Formby Home-Start Family Group - We aim to run a weekly Family Group, with a creche, targeted to families with poor health and wellbeing in need of extra support. Referred parents are offered 2 hours respite and take part in specific training and activities organised by the Group Co-Ordinator. Vulnerable parents are referred to the group to benefit from a programme of sessions designed to build confidence and self esteem to increase resilience in families and to improve health. The training sessions include healthy cookery, budgeting, healthy lifestyle information, positive parenting, play and early learning and stress management. Children and families in deprived areas, mental health Southport £2,060
JETS Centre The project will support children experiencing issues with mental health and well-being who do not meet the criteria for CAMHS. The project will provide therapeutic health and counselling support for children ages 8 to 12years, from the local and surrounding areas. Initially the project will provide a group session meeting once a week for 16 weeks with spaces for 12 children. One to one sessions will provide children with the opportunity to speak openly about their feelings and to develop coping strategies for difficult feelings by make use of their inner resources. Children and families, young people, mental health Waterloo £2,383
Men On Track To establish a “buddy” scheme to engage and encourage participation, of isolated men in our local area, in already established activities which will integrate them into their community. The “buddies” will encourage the local community by acting as a point of contact within the sessions, for those who find it difficult to access services because of confidence issues. The “buddies” will also befriend on a one to one basis, those who need more individual encouragement to get involved. Social isolation, mental health, physical activity Netherton £2,500
Mobile Craft 4 U The project aims to deliver a very positive, creative and memorable impact in terms of emotional wellbeing for a minimum of 30 people. The beneficiaries will be disadvantaged groups in the community, in particular those who have been affected by ill health (physical or mental), the socially isolated and carers. Social isolation, mental health, carers Southport £1,920
Parenting 2000 Shared Reading for Wellbeing - We will run a weekly Shared Reading group for socially isolated adults, with mental health issues and also a Shared Reading Group for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) learners, possibly in an outreach capacity. Both would allow for engagement of harder to reach individuals that often get overlooked by more mainstream services. Social isolation, mental health Southport £2,240
Salvation Army Bootle Salvation Army Hope Centre – funding to help maintain the provision of the free use of our facilities to our clients, including free breakfast, access to shower facilities, providing food parcels and access to a telephone. The project will be extended to free breakfast of Cereal, Beans on Toast and a hot drink, to members of the community who have limited income, usually clients who are homeless, have a drink/drug addiction, people with mental health issues and older people. Social isolation, mental health, older people Bootle £1,000
Sefton Opera Over 50's learn to swim & improve confidence - This is an onoging activity run by Sefton O.P.E.R.A to help Older People, many of whom have never learned to swim, take up a healthy activity and improve their confidence in the water. The project currently runs 4 classes in Bootle, 1 in Formby and 1 in Southport for 1 hour sessions each. This funding will support 2 of those classes. Outcomes include: Improving health & wellbeing, making a lifestyle change to improve health, building confidence, creating resilience in communities, older people accessing additional services and activities. Older people, physical activity, social isolation Bootle, Southport, Formby £1,806
Sefton Veterans Veterans in Sefton - Senior NAAFI Break (Aged between 65-94) The project will address the loneliness of older veterans in Sefton. The Veterans in Sefton have identified that many veterans either lived alone or wanted the company of people with similar experiences. Senior veterans will attend at least one of our twice weekly NAAFI breaks and will report that they spend more time speaking/being with other people, improves socialisation skills, reduces isolation and depressive related condition, supports mental stimulation and improves dementia related conditions. Social isolation, veterans, older people Sefton wide £1,260
SING Plus Kids Kitchen The aim of the project is to provide a free nutritious meal and activities for children from low income families during school holidays, to relieve some of the financial and emotional pressure that they may experience either by having to provide extra meals above what their children would receive at school. The project addresses the issues of health inequality by ensuring that the children have access to a healthy, nutritious meal throughout the year, not just during term times. The outcomes of this project will be children having the opportunity to take part in healthy eating and activities, which hopefully will impact on their health and well-being in the long term. Children and families in deprived areas, healthy eating Seaforth £2,500
Southport Community Money Advice Southport Community Money Advice – Supporting clients facing problems with debt, budget setting and agreeing reduced payments work with clients to encourage them to face up to their responsibilities and encourage them to make positive changes to their lifestyles such that they can become free of debt Debt, mental health Seaforth £2,000
St Leonards Youth & Community Centre Community Lunch - We currently offer a community lunch every other week, the funding will enable the project to provide weekly meals from January 2017 for the local community and foodbank users. The funding will include the purchase of an industrial dishwasher to enable increased volume of users. This is a route to engaging those who participate in wider wellbeing issues. Children and families from deprived areas, older people, debt, social isolation Bootle £1,650
Stepping Stones The group aims to include anybody with any disability (mental health, physical, learning etc) into sessions to help with social isolation. The group encourages members to get out and to support each other, which improves their wellbeing. The activities, on offer encourage creativity, which is also good for mental health and self-esteem. Mental health, learning disability, social isolation Waterloo £500
The Inclusion Network Community Growing and Gardening project - The project will create an allotment and gardens for use by local people. The project will offer foodbank users the opportunity to grow food at the allotment. The project will give an opportunity for children, young people and the local residents to create an allotment and garden. Produce will be will be used for cooking in the centre and will be given out at the foodbank to local residents for use at home in order to encourage them to eat more healthily. The project will facilitate access to a range of gardening activities, healthy living workshops and cookery classes in order to encourage the participants to make positive lifestyle choices. Physical activity, healthy eating, children and families in deprived areas, social isolation Bootle £2,400
The Orrell Trust 'Soup in a Basket’ (part of the older persons project) – the project will increase provision of an older persons luncheon club by offering a drop in style café once a month to begin with. This funding would enable the project to run for an initial 12 months. The project will actively engage local people in making positive changes to their health and well being. The project will make changes to the lives of local people by improving mental wellbeing through the development of new friendships, Reducing social isolation and loneliness, Providing a healthy lunch at cost price, increased opportunities for volunteers from the community and in turn ‘upskilling’ local people with experience and training. Older people, volunteering, social isolation Bootle £2,250
The Youth & Community Partnership Life’s A Beach Project - The YCP will offer local children, young people and other members of the community the opportunity to attend a ‘Beach school’ project, that will offer activities like temporary shelter building, safe fire-building, beach cooking, mini-beast hunting, imaginative play, learning about flora and fauna, seasonal changes and tides. Aims to improve overall health and wellbeing of the participant, gain new and transferable skills, provide new and innovative community activities that are accessible to all, combat social isolation, learning about the local environment Young people, people with disabilities, social isolation Southport £1,350
Waterloo Community Association Community Kitchen which runs on a Thursday and was set up to provide hot meals to the local community and also cookery classes to encourage preparation of healthy meals, one of the main outcomes however is to reduce social isolation in the community and improve health outcomes. The cookery classes are offered free and the target group is people living on their own or those on a low income. Tour de Friends - The main aim of this group is to undertake regular accompanied cycle rides, ideally for those who have not ridden for some time but make it a social event too by having lunch or stopping for coffee, so it is organised for a Thursday so the ride finishes, more or less, when the community kitchen is operating. Social isolation Waterloo £1,000
Woodvale & Ainsdale Community Association Dementia and Memory Project - To provide a dementia and wellbeing project, to prevent deterioration in the community. This will focus on activities to improve socialisation and wellbeing and to keep minds active. Older people, social isolation Woodvale £1,800
Total £37467